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Quantitative Trading

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Core Team

Principle68 capital has a world-class investment R & D and management team in London and HongKong.

Our team has worked for a well-known hedge fund management company in London and managed $16 billion of funds. The team has rich market experience in the field of computer quantitative model design, Research & Develop and machine learning.



We want the industry’s best and brightest talent to call us – no matter where you are. We look for smart, hard-working people, who want to excel and who have the highest ethical standards. We develop our colleagues through coaching and training to help them build long-term careers. We welcome problem-solvers, rigorous thinkers, and exemplary citizens to join us in various roles.

 Discretionary Investing                                                                    Systematic Investing

  -Portfolio Manager                                                                             - Quantitative strategist

  -Trader                                                                                                - Data Scientist

  -Analyst                                                                                               - Software Engineer


Discretionary Investing internship

Systematic Investing internship